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Elizabeth C Hamblet
Elizabeth Hamblet is proud to present “Preparing Students with Disabilities for Successful Transition to College” presentations for parents, students, and/or your faculty and staff. Each program is tailored to address your desired audience. Visit Elizabeth’s Book a Presentation page to arrange a time and venue.

Presentations cover steps for successful transition:

  1. Know the law – the legal changes students will encounter in prevailing disability laws at college, and what the research says are the qualities and skills that successful college students with disabilities possess
  2. Understand student’s rights and responsibilities – the protections students are guaranteed at college, and their driving position in the accommodation process at college
  3. Develop essential personal skills – the characteristics found in students with disabilities who are successful at college, and ho to help develop these while they are still in high school
  4. Develop academic skills – the academic  skills students need to work and live independently at college
  5. Understand college accommodations – the academic adjustments that are typically easy to get at college, and those that are not easy to get or might not be available at all
  6. Find the right college – how students can research disability services at their target colleges, and answers to some commonly-asked questions about disclosing students’ disability during the admissions process

Elizabeth recommends offering programs for students and parents in the evening and offering programs just for students during the school day. Professional development programs cover additional topics and are available for half-day or full-day blocks. For more details on these presentations, contact Elizabeth at or at 609-306-6264.

Contact information for presentation references

Contact School Phone Email
Ms. Carollee Moorefield Manalapan High School 732-792-7300 ext. 5017
Ms. Suzanne Sanders Sparta High School 973-729-6191 ext. 239
Ms. Michele Gardner Berkeley Heights Public Schools 908-464-1298, ext. 1800

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