College Consulting and Support for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD and Their Families

College Consulting and Support for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD and Their Families

Are you looking for a college counselor who specializes in working with students with disabilities?

Some families want to make sure that the college advisor with whom they work has a real understanding of a number of issues of concern to them, such as finding schools that are both challenging and supportive.  Families should do their homework to make sure that the person they hire has real first-hand knowledge of the disability services at various colleges and is sensitive to how students’ needs will play into their college admissions journey.

One way to start the search for such an advisor is to use the IECA’s Find a Consultant page, where families can select “Learning Disabilities” or “Special Needs” and “College” as search criterion and then narrow the search to their home state.  Once they have a list, families should ask questions to make sure that the person they hire has the knowledge and experience they expect.  (Site visitors should note that the mention of the IECA here does not constitute an endorsement; Elizabeth shares this information simply to provide families with a suggested tool.)

Elizabeth does not do this kind of consulting herself, but she does recommend the following consultants (who are also available by Skype):

Judy Bass – – Olney, Maryland

Mike Dunn – – Pennsylvania

Lauren L. Leavitt – – Los Angeles, California

Carolyn Mulligan – – New Jersey

Joan Wittan – – Maryland/Virginia


Families may also find to helpful to use, Judy Bass’s fee-based database designed to help them investigate services at college.

Other specialized consulting with Elizabeth Hamblet

Students who need the kinds of basic supports provided by all colleges will want to work with their college advisor or guidance counselor to compose a list based on the typical elements of a college search, then check the services at these schools to make sure that they will offer what these students need.  For these students, Elizabeth  offers focused consulting to help them investigate the services available at the schools they are targeting.

When should you come for consultation? Any time after your student has composed a list of potential colleges but before s/he makes a final decision based on her/his acceptances.

What is included in a two-hour consulting appointment:

  1. Review of all of your student’s reports, plans, and testing before the meeting so that Elizabeth can be ready to discuss history and diagnosis with your student.
  2. Two hours of time to:
    • go over testing and documentation with your child to make sure s/he can articulate her/his learning issues and accommodation needs, which s/he will be expected to do when requesting accommodations at college;
    • discuss what accommodations have been helpful in the past (or not) and plan what accommodations s/he will request at college.  Conversation will address reality of expectations colleges have for students and what accommodations might not be offered (and possible alternatives for the student to help her/himself).  You will leave with a list of suggested accommodations to request and, where indicated, a list of skills to develop and/or technological aids to consider;
    • research disability services and documentation requirements for at least two colleges from your student’s list (more if time allows) and check your student’s paperwork to see if it meets the requirements.  If it doesn’t, Elizabeth will provide you with templates to help you get the additional information you need;
    • research and create a list of other sources of academic assistance available at the target colleges.

At the end of the appointment, you will also receive charts to help you and your student continue your college disability services research at home.  If you want more assistance after the initial consultation, additional appointments can be arranged.

Consultation is also available for college and graduate students on a variety of topics.

Elizabeth Hamblet is available in person in Princeton, New Jersey or by video chat.
Visit Elizabeth’s Book a Consultation page to arrange your consultation.