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About Elizabeth Cohen Hamblet

Elizabeth C Hamblet

Elizabeth C. Hamblet has worked both ends of the college transition. She began her career as a high school special education teacher and case manager, and then worked as a learning disabilities specialist at Simmons College and Rutgers University. She is now a learning specialist at Columbia University, where she helps students with time management, organization, reading, and study skills.

In 2008, Elizabeth began offering programs to families and professionals on transition to college for students with disabilities, speaking locally and at national conferences. In addition to being a requested presenter, she is also a contributing writer for Disability Compliance for Higher Education, a journal for higher education disability professionals, and her work has appeared in the Journal of College Admission, Teaching Exceptional Children, Attention, Raising Teens, and Career Development for Exceptional Individuals. The second edition of her book on transition, From High School to College: Steps to Success for Students with Disabilities, was published by the Council for Exceptional Children in 2017, and her laminated guide on this topic is available from National Professional Resources.

In addition to her publicly-oriented work, Ms. Hamblet does testing and consults to families on issues relating to transition to college for students with learning disabilities and ADD.

See Elizabeth’s résumé for complete details on her professional history. For a list of Elizabeth’s published work, including copies of some of her articles, see the Publications page.