Helping Students with Learning Disabilities Transition from High School to College and Achieve Success as College Students

 Elizabeth HambletElizabeth Hamblet is a recognized author, speaker, and consultant who works to help students with disabilities make a successful transition to college. She offers advice, consultations, and presentations based on her professional experiences working both ends of the transition, as a high school special educator, and a college-level learning disabilities specialist.

Students with learning disabilities and ADD need special consideration, yet these students can thrive in educational environments which not only accommodate their differences, but also understand and support their strengths. Elizabeth Hamblet's expertise is navigating the field in advance to align the optimal future college experience for students.

This site is intended to serve as a resource. Students and parents can find information for them in the For Family & Students page. College students can find additional information and study and planning tools in the For College Students page. Professionals interested in programs on transition can find the information on Elizabeth's programs in the Presentations page.